How to write like Apple? 10 ideas that they use to persuade their customers

Discover the ten persuasive techniques Apple uses in their marketing to captivate customers and drive engagement.

Discover the ten persuasive techniques Apple uses in their marketing to captivate customers and drive engagement.
Peter Gromek
Modern Web Creator & Founder

In this blog post, we've explored the ten powerful ideas Apple uses to masterfully persuade their customers through their marketing strategies. By adopting these techniques, such as single idea headlines, easily scannable websites, readability, concise language, addressing problems, showcasing details, using analogies, dispelling objections, comparing to other products, and utilizing powerful words, you too can create compelling content that captures your audience's attention and drives them to engage with your brand. Learn from Apple's success and elevate your marketing game today!

Everyone knows about Apple, but not everyone knows how well they do word marketing. It's unnoticeable.

Idea 1. Every headline is one idea.

Example: AirTag - Abandon Lost Habits.

Idea 2. The website must be easy to scan.

76% of people scan websites with their eyes. Your website must have large headings and lots of white space. Start writing by listing the biggest benefits.

Example: AirTag website.

Idea 3. The website must also be readable.

Apple uses short and simple sentences. After all, only 24% of people read websites. Apple avoids passive language.

Example: The iPhone 12 Pro records HDR video with a depth of ten bits, not eight as before. This enables it to capture a more realistic image, distinguishing between 700 million colors.

Idea 4. Apple uses short sentences, especially in headlines. Sometimes it's just one word.

Example: Cold. Warmer. Hot.

Idea 5. Presenting problems.

Apple talks about the technicalities, but only after addressing the problem.

Example: AirTag - Lost and Found.

Idea 6. Show details.

Apple shows details in the content, after addressing the problems. Interestingly, Apple does not always explain the details.

Example: 5G debuts in the Pro version. The A14 Bionic processor outperforms chips in other smartphones.

Idea 7. Apple uses many analogies.

When something is difficult to understand, our minds prefer to compare it to something we understand.

Example: Super Retina XDR display. Pixels across the horizon.

Idea 8. Apple dispels all objections, often addressing the competition's problems before you even think of them.

Example: Other smartphones may get wet. Highest water resistance rating in the industry.

Idea 9. Apple compares itself to its other products.

Apple knows that if someone buys their phone, they will also buy another one.

Example: Our previous chip is no longer unbeatable.

Idea 10. Use POWERFUL words.

What words are they? You, your, imagine, new. Apple can use the words You/Your up to 100 times on a page.

Example: Because it works instantly and with incredible precision, AR apps can turn your room into a rainforest in the blink of an eye.

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